Delight people’s life by saving cleaning time and costs and make the world cleaner.

Who is Talent

It was the high speed developing age after the revolutionary period that people finally could move between classes by their ability and desire for change. Talent founder Mr. Wong with his humble education and background from a remote countryside, moved to Guangdong province and start his first job as an appendices to a machine maintenance technician. Near two decades later, he built his own kingdom of manufacturing business.

As a leading OEM manufacturer in sticky mats and sticky rollers, Talent Industry Group owns 10+ automatic production line vertically integrated with the whole necessary process with capacity make up 1/10 of the world demand. 200+ distributors around the world. With his soul and mind deep into this industry, continues to innovate and be a pioneer to the dust-free field.

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Why Choose Talent

As we understand what keeping the environment clean, saving costs and clean time are so important, environment-friendly, highly effective, easy to use and disposal are the key focus of our products.

Mr. Wong the founder of Talent Industry has been committed to providing sticky mats, sticky mat frames and sticky rollers with premium quality. Our products are manufactured under strict ISO process management and quality control regulations.

Talent Team

Our experienced and dedicated team is what makes Talent different from the rest. Talent founders and employees have been actively taken part in the cleaning industry for more than a decade. Their expertise in a wide range of related fields gives us a deep understanding of the customers’ needs.

Another important factor that distinguishes us from the competition is that we strongly believe in the importance of counting with an English speaking team on site, in China were we are located. Being able to maintain a clear and fluent communication with our clients allows us to understand their needs and requirements. We consider this is the only way to ensure total satisfaction at every step of the production and delivery process.

Our expert and friendly staff will be your eyes and ears scanning across the every step of process, starting from initial contact. We want to give you total assurance that your order will be delivered on time and meeting all your specifications. Sit back, relax, and wait for your ideal product to arrive.

At Talent all of our workers are treated with utmost respect. We are totally against child labor and any kind of work abuse. We provide our workers with a comfortable, safe and friendly working environment. Most of our work workers have been with us for a long time, their loyalty and permanence with us are the best proof of their satisfaction. Furthermore, Workers that have been working with us for many years grants us with the most skilled and experienced workers in this field. This guarantees us delivering our clients the superior quality and service we are renowned for.

Talent R&D

Talent Industry Group Co., Ltd is always seeking improvement. No matter how well things may work, we strongly believe we have to go for more. For this reason, we are constantly experimenting with the latest and most innovative adhesive techniques and sticky mat applications, to develop creative and innovative features and performance. By incorporating exclusive technical features, we allow you to produce the most clean performance to attract your prospective buyers and enhances your customers loyalty.

At Talent we encourage our clients’ imagination and provide them the exacting demands with the best quality and most advanced products possible.

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