sticky mat

Sticky mats

Sticky mats (adhesive mat) are made of low density polyethylene materials with water-based glue.  The purpose of the sticky mat (clean mat) eliminates impurities, save cleaning time and easy to use and maintenance free to keep your place clean. It is an environment-friendly and effective way which is your best choice to keep clean. Consecutively numbered labels help to keep track of the number of sheets remaining and avoid multiple sheets being removed inadvertently.

Sticky Mats Application:

Sticky mats are also called tacky mats or peel off clean mats. The low cost makes them great for any industry, office or home use, such as:

Manufacturing Plants, Data Centres and Warehouse, etc.

Basketball courts, Volleyball courts, Racquet ball courts, and any other Courts, etc.

Construction sites, Building Remodeling, Renovations and Decorations areas, etc.

Clean room, Science Labs, Surgical Theaters, Food preparation Areas and Home, etc.

Adhesive Mats Features:


Easy sheet-to sheet removal

Non-transfering adhesive

Various colors and sizes are available.

Items Specification
Products Sticky Mat
Material Low Density Polyethylene
Thickness 0.03mm~0.05mm
Tensile Strength Transverse ≥ 12mpa     Vertical ≥ 20mpa
Elongation Transverse ≥ 300%       Vertical ≥ 200%
Adhesive Type Water-based Acrylic
Tackiness Low/ Middle / High
Size 18″ * 36″, 18″ *45″,  24″ * 36″,  26″ *45″  /Customized
Layers 30/60 layers/Customized
Color Blue/White/Clear/Gray/Green  / Customized
Packing 10pcs/case  / Customized