Silicone Sticky Roller | Silicone Roller

Silicone sticky roller also called silicone roller is made up by silicon and pivotal material is a self-adhesive removing products. Its surface is smooth like mirror, and the dirt on the surface of silicone roller can be transferred to the sticky pads or sticky rollers that make it clean and can be reuse. Silicone roller can capture micro contaminants can be under 2μm diameter. Silicone Roller for machine cleaning can be custom. It is effectual to remove tiny impurities,dust and dirt.

Silicone Sticky Roller | Silicone Roller Application:

Silicon sticky roller is widely used in circuit boards PCB, LCD , light guide plates, precision printing, SMT, cleanroom, semiconductor and other industries production, the cleaning tools for surface treatment.

Adhesive Mats Features:

 Good electrical properties.




High rebound resilience.


Non-toxic no rust and no pollution.

Ergonomics design, using comfortably in the hand roller rotating freely.

Removing particulate contamination coupled with using sticky paper circularly.

Items Specification
Products Silicone Sticky Roller | Sticky Roller
Material PDMS
Anti-fatigue Test 30000 times
Tensile strength 900-1400pai
Elongation 150-900%
Rebound Force 30-75%
Shrinkage Factor 2.0-4.0%
Compression Set 10-50% (22hrs/177c)
Tackiness High, Middle , Low, Non Tackiness
Color Blue, Yellow, Green, White
Size 4″/6″/8″/10″/12″
Handle Type Aluminum alloy;Black Plastic;ABS Handle
Package 1pc/bag,10pcs/box
Remark Product size can be customized according to your requirement