sticky mat frame

Sticky Mat Frames

Sticky Mat Frame is a reusable solution for the hard to sticky surfaces like carpet, and areas where nothing can be residual to the floor. The Sticky Mat Frames are made with hard polystyrene and have an anti-slip backing that can hold the clean mats placed on almost any floor surface. Meanwhile, you can move the sticky mat frame and clean mats while the stack of clean mat sheets haven’t finished yet.

Clean Mat Frame Feature:

Naturally antimicrobial, mold, and mildew resistant.

Prevents floor adhesive residue from tacky mats.

Non-skid bottoms and reusable.

Ideal for carpeted or wood floors.

Easy to install and use sticky mats.

Customized mat colors–blue, clear, white, green, gray, etc.

Sticky Mats Frame Specification:

Board Material: Polystyrene
Non-skid backing: Polyester textile
Thickness: 2.5mm(Customized)
Size: Customized (according to sticky mat size)
Packing: OEM or customized