cleanroom gloves

Cleanroom Gloves

Cleanroom Gloves Features: 

Polymer Coated Process.

Strong & Durable.

Stretch & Sensitive.

Micro Texture Surface (Easier Grip) .

No Skin irritation or allergic reaction.

No infection or contamination caused by glove powder.

No harsh or hazardous chemicals.

An excellent barrier to infectious and viral agents.

Cleanroom Gloves Application:


For medical and health checking.

Precision optics.


LCD / DVD LCD manufacturing.


Precision instruments.

PCB printing and so on.

Cleanroom Gloves Specification:

Item Cleanroom Gloves
Material  100%Nitrile 
Powder  Powder Free
Color  White/Blue 
Surface  Finger Textured 
Size   XS,S,M,L 
Measurement  9″ 
Gram weight  3.2/4.0/4.7 
Length(mm)  ≥230 
Thickness(mm)  The centre of the palm 0.07±0.02/ The finger (from finger tip 13mm±3mm) 0.09±0.02 
Feature  Environmental, good elastic, solid and durable 
Package  50pairs/bag,20box/ctn 

Cleanroom Gloves Physical Character

Item Before Aging After Aging
 Tensile strength (1MPa)  ≥18  ≥16 
 Elongation at failure(%)   ≥500  ≥400 

Cleanroom Gloves Quality Examination And AQL Test

Item Quality examination CAQL Test
Imperviousness  G1 1.50
Physical Dimensions  S2  4.00
Tensile strength  S2 4.00
Appearance inspection(main) S4  2.50
Appearance inspection(minor) S4  4.00
 Powder residual amount N=5 ≤2mg/pcs