Sticky Roller

Sticky roller is made of LDEP film, it is easy to use and disassembly. Roll on the surface where need to clean , when the roller dirty and full of dust ,follow the fold line peel off the dirty sheet. It can speedy and availably clean out the ground, housetop, ceiling, wall, desk and other surfaces dust. Widely used for semiconductor and electronic manufacturing and other critical environment. It prevent secondary pollution effectively.


Sticky Roller Features:

Sticky roller is soft surface texture which ensure the removal of the contaminants without leaving traces and scratches during using.

Environment friendly materialEspecially formulated water-based adhesive treated with anti-microbial agent.

 Easy sheet removal.

 Durable,reusable plastic handle

 Specially designed to efficiently clean hard to reach areas

 No adverse effect on surface of subjected , inclusion free, tasteless, without residuals after peeling off from the subjected, no ripples.

 Tear mouth is neat without any waste.

Adhesive Mats Features:


Easy sheet-to sheet removal

Non-transfering adhesive

Various colors and sizes are available.

Items Specification
Products Sticky Roller
Material LDPE(Low Density Polyethylene)
Thickness 0.04mm/0.05mm
Tensile Strength Horizontal≥12mpa, vertical≥20mpa
Elongation Transverse ≥ 300%       Vertical ≥ 200%
Glue Material Water-soluble acrylic ester
Tackiness Low/ Middle / High
Size 4″/6″/8″/10″/12″
Layer/Meter 100layers/18m
Color Blue/White/Clear
Inner/Outer diamete 38.5mm/53.5mm
Packing 4″ 200rolls/carton, 6″/8″ 100rolls/carton 10″/12″rolls/carton