Cleanroom Swabs

Cleanroom swabs have the properties of lower dust out and excellent absorbency, which adopt dust-free paper pole and wooden pole. Applicable for wiping after dipping into IPA and acetone reagent , this cotton swab also applied to lubricant and other liquid.

Cleanroom Swabs Features:

Free from silicone, amide and DOP.

Low non-volatile residue

Low in both particles and ion content

High absorptive power, low dust, low ion residual, no scratch on product.

Compatible with most common solvents

No contaminating adhesives or coatings

ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading

No blooming ionic antistat

Safely dissipates charges within less than two seconds when used with solvent like IPA

Various options of head shapes for different application.

Custom made swab available according to customer request

Cleanroom Swabs Applications:

Cleanroom Swabs are widely used in : 

Electricity appliance cleaning.

 Touch screen cleaning.

Camera len cleaning.

PCB Plate cleaning.

Sophisticated and precision parts cleaning.

Computer parts cleaning.

Precision machinery.

Optical machinery.