Tacky Roller

Tacky Roller (also called PP sticky roller) are made of imported PP film. it is specially made for PCB particle removal application prior to next processes.
This easy torn styles use for single sided clean machine, and the difficult torn styles are suitable for double sided clean machine. The tackiness can be adjusted to meet cusomers requirement. PP sticky roller is mainly use for PCB,LCD and LED industries.There are mainly 38.5 and 76mm two core size, and also 25.4,40,50,152mm,etc size can be customs.

Tacky Roller Features:

Environment friendly material.

Residue glue.

Strong and inelasticity.

Consistent adhesive coverage ensures maximum performance of each layer.

PP sticky roller application
Items Specification
Products Tacky Roller/PP Sticky Roller
Material BOPP
Thickness 0.085mm
Tensile Strength Horizontal≥100N, vertical≥50N
Elongation at break Horizontal(mpa)≤80%, vertical≤200%
Thermal shrinkage Horizontal≤2.0%,  vertical≤4.0%
Glue Material Acrylic ester
Tackiness Low/middle/high/super-high tackiness
Size 50mm*20m–1300mm*20m
Color White
Core 38mm/76.5mm/94mm
Work temperature -10℃-90℃
Packing 4rolls/carton