Keeping supply sticky mats during the coronaviruses period

You probably heard from the news already about the latest development of the new type virus (coronavirus) from Wuhan, China. The whole country is fighting this battle and as an individual business, we also take all necessary measurements to reduce our impact to minimal.

During this period, we do extra on sterilizing. Although it is known that viruses couldn’t likely survive in the manufacturing and transportation process, we do understand the public concern from a perception prospective. So all workers do extra on sterilizing before get into the workshop and goods will be sterilized before sticky mat shipment.

Despite all the difficulty to restore our fulfillment capability, we can still manage to deliver during the last few weeks. Yes, we are back to work, and those work with us stand out of the market while their competitors are still waiting for their delivery.

And of course, we are happy to support you. Welcome to contact us via [email protected]